Painted Portraits

Well known for his stunning murals and paintings, Napa Valley artist Steve Della Maggiora is currently accepting commissions.

Though best known for interior and exterior murals and landscapes, Steve loves to do portraits. In today's world where many people want things fast, like a snapshot, a portrait can be a lasting thing, holding the spirit of a person far more than any photograph.

"A portrait is a deeply personal thing. I feel as if I can see behind the physical presence of a person, and capture their essence. Can you imagine anything more exciting?"

A portrait is usually thought to be a picture of a person. "In a deeper sense, all my paintings are portraits. I consider a portrait to be an insightful representation of anything. A person, a place, an object. I just completed a 'portrait' of someone's home."

Ideally, Steve would prefer to spend some time with his subject in their own personal world. "Usually, I take some photos and do some sketches, and then the work begins."

Please allow one to three months for a finished painting.

Cost of a work of art depends on its complexity, medium, surface material, background, number of subjects, and overall size.

A simple painted 16" x 20" portrait starts at $2000. Costs of murals and landscapes also depend on subject matter.

Artist's travel costs, if necessary, are not included in this price.

Steve may be reached at (707) 257-6331 or by e-mail at

"Jammin' at Jessel's" 2006 by Steve Della Maggiora (collection of the artist)

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